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Southeast Arkansas Intermodal Authority 

The Southeast Arkansas Regional Intermodal Authority, in cooperation with the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department and the Federal Highway Administration, is proposing to establish a regional intermodal facility near the interchange of U.S. 278 and the preferred alignment of the I-69 connector. The footprint for the new project will include approximately 90 acres for the intermodal facility, 140 acres of adjacent property for a multimodal industrial park, and an additional 183 acres for growth.

Russellville River Valley Regional Intermodal Authority

The River Valley Regional Intermodal Authority intends to develop an intermodal transportation and industrial facility on the McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System. Components will include a slackwater harbor on the McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System; service by a shortline railroad with access to the Union Pacific Class I rail line; highway access through a bypass connection to Interstate 40; an intermodal rail-truck terminal; rail marshaling yard; warehousing with rail and truck docks; communications infrastructure for modern freight management systems; a foreign trade zone; and an industrial park for industries that need waterway access. Contact Roy Reaves, (479) 857-6435, rreaves43@hotmail.com

Central Arkansas Intermodal Authority

Conway and Perry Counties have formed an Intermodal Authority to develop all areas of Intermodal transportation. The Authority will be working on developing a Port on the Arkansas River that will help economic development in the two counties. The Authority is in the process of having a Study done by the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department to access present and future Intermodal development. The Authority is also in the process of developing a study with the US Army Corp of Engineers on the development of the Arkansas River in Conway and Perry Counties. Currently, the Authority is working with the forestry, natural gas and other industries to develop their logistic strategies in the use of Intermodal Transportation. Contact Don Bradley, don.bradley@conwaycorp.net


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