Arkansas Waterways Commission

Our Rivers. Our Responsibility.



The Commission is dedicated to informing people of all ages about Arkansas’ five navigable waterways.

From our partners at Tulsa Ports:
"If you are a teacher, parent or student, join us as we discover the Wonders of the Waterway with our new activity book! 📚🌊 Visit to download your copy today! If you would like a paperback copy, you can email Sheila Shook at, or pick up a copy at the Port Authority office."

Visit the Arkansas River Historical exhibit at the Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum. Tell them you found it here!

Grant Preparedness by Marsha Guffey

Thinking about applying for a big grant? Don't know where to start? Check out this presentation by grant writer Marsha Guffey to learn more about grant preparedness. 


MarTREC Regional Economic Impact Study for the MKARNS

The Three Rivers Study

The study is needed to investigate serious hydrologic and hydraulic problems that are threatening navigation, aquatic ecosystem habitat, Ark/White Cutoff Structure, recreation, flood damage reduction and watershed protection. Learn more about this study.

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