Workhorses of Industry


Self contained vessels that push the barges. Power varies from 500 to more than 6000 horsepower. 

Covered dry cargo barge

195 feet long, 1500 ton capacity
Carries: grain, soybeans, coffee, salt, sugar, paper products, packaged goods 

Deck barge

200 feet long, 2000 ton capacity
Carries: sand and gravel, construction equipment, prefabricated buildings, military equipment, oil rigs, spacecraft 

Open hopper barge

195 feet long, 1500 ton capacity
Carries: coal, steel and ore, sand and gravel, lumber 

Liquid cargo (tank) barge

297 feet long, 1 million gallon capacity
Carries: petroleum and petroleum products, liquid fertilizers, industrial chemicals, orange juice 


A towboat connected by wire cable to a number of barges. The typical number of barges varies by river, but can be two to 40 barges. 

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