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Arkansas Waterways Commission Releases Results of 2023 Stakeholder Survey

The Arkansas Waterways Commission is pleased to announce the release of the results from its 2023 Stakeholder Survey. The survey, conducted with the aim of understanding stakeholders' perspectives and identifying areas for improvement, has provided valuable insights that will shape the commission's strategic plan moving forward.

The survey, which received responses from various stakeholders across the state, played a crucial role in updating the commission's strategies and enhancing its efficiency. The feedback received will enable the Commission to better serve its stakeholders and all citizens of Arkansas.

The Arkansas Waterways Commission is immensely grateful to all the stakeholders who took the time to participate in the survey. Their input has been instrumental in the commission's efforts to continuously improve its services and ensure it is meeting the needs and expectations of its stakeholders.

The results of the survey highlighted areas of success and areas for improvement. The commission is committed to addressing these findings and implementing necessary changes to enhance its services. By conducting this survey annually, the commission aims to maintain an open line of communication with stakeholders and monitor progress over time.

The Arkansas Waterways Commission believes in transparency and wants its stakeholders to be informed about the outcomes of their contributions. By sharing the survey results, the commission hopes to foster a sense of collaboration and demonstrate its commitment to continuous improvement.

Moving forward, the Arkansas Waterways Commission will use the survey results as a roadmap for future initiatives and projects. The commission remains dedicated to providing efficient and effective services that benefit stakeholders of Arkansas' navigable rivers and all citizens of Arkansas.

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